Managing knowledge in organisations using blogs

Here are several links to blog posts dealing with the issue of Buisness blogs:

Deanna Mascle explains 7 reasons why an employee should blog for his business, here

Bolder blogs give a comprehensive look on the benfits of business blogs, in two parts: here The Benefits of Business Blogging, Part I and here The Benefits of Business Blogging, Part II.

Debbie Weill in MarketingProfs suggests a deep look before a business starts blogging, here: 5 Key Questions (You’ve Been Dying) To Ask About Business Blogs

And, to those bloggers already initiated Businees blogs, Robert Scoble present several issues to look at while blogging in business, in his post The Corporate Weblog Manifesto.

There are various examples of business blogs: Dell, GM, Sun’s list of company bloggers headed by the president’s blog, the developer’s blog list at IBM, and there is eve a CEO Bloggers’ club!

Yet, according to the last PEW report, Debbie Weill says that ‘Corporate blogging still occupies a tiny corner of the blogosphere’.

And, if you are “Still not sure about corporate blogging” you should read Sally Falkow write on that.

 at Business Blogwire present a closer look at business blogs and ask: “Are The Most Popular CEO and Corporate Blogs Really Any Good?


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