Think, Decide and Communicate – ‘Managaement by Storytelling Around’ in the Knowledge Era

Randall Stross present on New York Times his view on All the Internet’s a Stage. Why Don’t C.E.O.’s Use It?. It is interesting to read SUN’s CEO first post on why he decided to blog.

As he put it:

C.E.O. blogging should no longer be viewed as extreme sport. Mr. Schwartz’s example shows that blogging fits quite naturally into the chief executive’s work week. In an exhortatory piece, “If You Want to Lead, Blog,” published in The Harvard Business Review last year, Mr. Schwartz predicted that “having a blog is not going to be a matter of choice, any more than having e-mail is today.”

“My No. 1 job is to be a communicator,” Mr. Schwartz told me last week. “I don’t understand how a C.E.O. would not blog if committed to open communication.”

I happened to recall that it was Henry Mintzbertg who define Communication as a primary role in his book “Nature of managerial work”. It was there where he categorize Communication as a significant and central mangerial role.

I see an executive roles as Think (what to do, how to act), Decide (make decisions) and Communicate.

Thinking on Storytelling as a mean of Knowledge Management for sharing Knowledge, and looking at Blogs for that purpose, one should read “Grassroots of KM through Blogging”. It leads to see that Blog is an effective platform for Executives to share their vision, stories and knowledge – which support the communication role for these executives.


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