What is really KM in Organization? – straight, simple, clear, no nonsense….

And why am I writing this again? Because it’s really amazing to see that after so many years of ‘knowledge management’ being present in our organizational and personal lives, many things that are not knowledge management are still under way.

It should again be emphasized that knowledge management is a managerial worldview, translated into an organizational routine that deals with the extraction of existing knowledge and the creation of new knowledge, all in order to support the organization’s vision, mission and goals.

What needs to be done is:

  1. Encouraging a culture that supports and respects learning, knowledge and knowledge
  2. Focusing on the processes at the heart of the organization’s activity in order to create commitment and responsibility
  3. Initiating and establishing supportive infrastructures, not necessarily technologies.

In my humble opinion it is very important to note that he will continue to say and use the term ‘system’ when we talk about knowledge management, it is simply not the direction and will not help.

Knowledge management is not a system. Not technological or otherwise.

And on the basis of accumulated experience of about 20 years, and if you want to succeed in knowledge management processes, see here.

Here are the steps that will lead to success in knowledge management processes:

The next step is to identify the gaps in knowledge between the goal you want to reach and the knowledge you need to know. And then, and only then – to prepare a plan, in stages, to support reaching the organizational goal required. The program should include elements of organizational culture, processes at the core of organizational engagement, and indicate supporting infrastructures in response to the implementation of the program.

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