A Story on an Executive, Management and Knowledge

Few days ago I came across Matt Simpson‘s story on “The manager who thought he could create a community”. It is a kind of stories that you often face during work with organizations and executives. A story which combines Executives, Knowledge and Technology, and misunderstanding of the nature of knowledge in organizations.

Awassa, Ethiopia

Awassa, Ethiopia

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Knowledge Management – Know where you came from and plan where you want to go

We all familiar with story about Alice approaching a junction in the wood, wondering to turn to the left or right. The advice given by Cheshire the cat is well known in the business scene: firstly, plan where you want to go, than move towards it. Continue reading

Obama the storyteller – Leadership at its best

Yes, he sure can. He sure have a unique story, and he sure know to tell a true story. And, he sure can, tell this story.

At midnight time in the United States, I watched a great leader tells a leadership exciting story: It was the president-elect, sen. Barack Obama. You just have to watch it yourself and listen carefully and you will find all the neccessary ingredients of a leadership message carried out.

In his story there is hope, care, sincere love and deep emotions, cahllenges, immagination, knowledge, personal feelings and a warm sense of trust. It was told with a true enthusiasm and excitment. it disregard the past, however it was focused and stre to the future. It did not ignore the difficulties but it determined his obligation to work hard and learn. It was point to all people at the near and at the far audience.

It has a breath-traking story about a 106 years old lady who saw all, and still got hope that “we can”. And this story, was carefully connected to the young generation as well.

It was a great story which was told by a great storyteller. We can and should learn from it.

It has meaning, it creats sense and make sense, it formulate meaning, and it delivered a message.

Yes, we (also) can, wherever we are.