Knowledge Management – Know where you came from and plan where you want to go

We all familiar with story about Alice approaching a junction in the wood, wondering to turn to the left or right. The advice given by Cheshire the cat is well known in the business scene: firstly, plan where you want to go, than move towards it. Continue reading


Celebrating successes and learning from successes

Future is interesting …one cannot predict it precisely. Sometime, one cannot even imagine how things will develop, even though the start point is known. As far as I am concern, I can tell that I phase this felling every day, especially, when it come to my work within the area of Knowledge management. Continue reading

What is it about knowledge?!

It is nearly ten years now, since I first started my journey to the world of knowledge in organizations. As I recall, it was at the end of 1998, my boss call me and suggested that I will “see what it is all about”, where “it” was referred to “Knowledge Management”. At that time, I was not aware the full extent of this issue, nor I would imagine what would become my main interest an activity for years to come. Continue reading